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10 Practical tools to help you start your video marketing

Use these tools to get started with Video Marketing

Videos are all the rage in marketing today – they’re not based on heavy files anymore, they’re attractive and can help brands to communicate with their audiences. You can use videos for introducing a new product, showing behind the scenes footage, showcasing a promotional event or offering a tutorial aimed at solving a specific problem. Here are 10 tools to help you create short videos and launch your video marketing campaign.

  1. Flipagram

This tool will help you combine images to create short video stories. It’s really easy to use and will be perfect for those who’d like to post their video on Instagram or Facebook. The tool is available for different operating systems and since 2014 has gained many accolades from users all over the world.


  1. Stop Motion 

Stop Motion

Stop Motion is really intuitive and will help you make fantastic videos with the stop-motion technique. The app is available for iOS and features a host of interesting in-app purchases, such as green screen, image import or sound effects. You can watch and edit your video frame by frame, and use the app’s brand new thumb menu to control all the edit options available for each frame.

  1. YouTube Editor

YouTube editor

This is an interesting tool that is free and fully integrated with YouTube, giving you a wide range of interesting editing capabilities right on the website. You can add transcripts and annotations to your videos to make them truly SEO friendly.

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