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10 Quick things to Market your Webinar

Here’s a quick hit of 10 things you can do to market your webinar:

  1. Write a blog post about it on your site. Cover the topic briefly and position the webinar as an upgrade to what the post already covered.
  2. Share on social media, multiple times. Schedule your social media posts to have at least 4 different updates being sent throughout the 7 day period. (on platforms like Twitter, you can send a tweet daily)
  3. Mention it in a Twitter chat – as long as the webinar topic is significant to the audience. Most Twitter chats allow you to promote towards the end – take advantage of this.
  4. Email your list announcing the webinar and send a link directly to the landing page.
  5. Post it in Facebook groups where your audience is present. Take this a step further by going through the last 2 weeks of updates on the page and leave a comment where someone has asked a question that your webinar gives the answer to.  Tag them in your comment to increase the likelihood of it being read.
  6. Write a guest post for another blog – this takes a bit more planning, and has a significant impact on webinar attendees (make sure you add a link to the registration page in your bio).
  7. Reach out to other bloggers and ask them to share with their audience.
  8. Co-host the webinar to take advantage of two sets of audiences.
  9. Encourage people to share after they’ve signed up – add link to share on social media on your ‘thank you for registering’ page.
  10. Send 2 reminder emails on the day of the webinar. Schedule the first to go out 4 hours before the webinar, and the second 30 minutes prior.


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