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10 Steps for Creating a Perfect Webcast


Yet as with any tool, a webcast is only as good as the people using it. After all, a hammer and chisel can be used to create a masterpiece – or to destroy one.

The following 10 tips will help ensure your next webcast falls into the former category.

1. Create Goals, Strategy and a Plan for your Webcast

When webcasting was first introduced, companies were very careful to ensure they knew why they were offering them and the results they wanted to achieve because of the amount of effort they took. Now, because webcasting is so common and the technology is so easy to use, some of those initial steps are often being left out in the rush to get the next webcast out.

Start by knowing what your goal is for the webcast, and then build a strategy and a plan that will help you reach that goal. To get you started, here are the top responses from a recent survey of 341 business leaders on how they use virtual solutions to impact their businesses:

  • Get products and services to market faster
  • Reach more audiences at a lower cost
  • Develop more effective and efficient sales teams and channel partners
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Create stronger relationships with prospects, customers and partners
  • Reduce support costs by training customers

2. Use a catchy title and description

Having a catchy title and description will help your webcast stand out from all the other emails and announcements your target audience receives and ensure they know there’s something in it for them.

As you develop your title and description, take a cue from advertising copywriters and use action verbs to amp up the wattage. Include searchable keywords if you’re promoting your webcast to people outside of your invitee list so search engines will pick up your content.

In the description, be sure to spell out clearly what the session is about and what attendees will get out of it for the time they invest. Use bullet points to make it easier for busy people to read and understand your key points quickly. Offering an incentive for participating, such as a free download, can also help increase attendance.

3. Promote your Wescast

With your message created it’s time to start promoting your webcast. Start with marketing tools that have little or no cost attached to them, such as your Website, intranet, and email blasts to prospect lists. Send two or three email invitations, and create a robust microsite that easily walks respondents through the registration process.


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