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10 Ways to Repurpose Webinar Content

photo credit: Faes

photo credit: Faes

To this same effect, the content from webinars can be re-purposed into a multitude of formats. Not only is this a smart use of a marketer’s time, it is also beneficial to a company’s target audience as different personalities and personas prefer different formats of educational material. Whereas those who attend your webinar may obviously enjoy in-depth presentations with audio and visual components, other individuals will respond to text alone, picture representations, or bite-size chunks of information. Varying formats also gives you the opportunity to promote different content on different channels most suited to that type of content.

10 Ways to Repurpose Webinar Content

1. Get your webinar transcribed and offer it with your recording.

Getting a transcription of your webinar is great for SEO because according to Google, “Googlebot cannot crawl the content of video files, so it’s important that you provide information about videos you include.”

While YouTube automatically generates a transcript for videos uploaded to their site, the quality of this transcription is poor with many words and phrases being incorrect. I recommend paying a human to transcribe your recording and have had great experience with Verbal Ink. You’ll need to spend about an hour “cleaning up” the transcription (there will be some industry-specific words that the transcriber won’t know), but for about $150-$250 and one hour of your time, your website will get some major SEO juice.

Additionally, having a transcription will allow you to offer an option to hearing-impaired individuals who are interested in the webinar.

The transcription can be uploaded on a web page or a PDF, but some say that a web page is better. Plus, having the transcription on the actual page with the video gives visitors the choice between viewing or reading (and besides, Moz does it, so it must be good!).

By Jessica Vionas

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