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11 Quick Tips On How To Improve Live Streaming


The tips below, each armed with its own special purpose, will guide you to new heights in broadcasting. Some of these may be obvious but it’s always nice to practice good streaming habits. So without further ado, let’s begin my 11 quick tips on how to improve live streaming.

1. Ethernet Connection

Improving your internet connection can be a crucial step in taking your live stream to the next level. Switching from WiFi to a wired LAN can vastly improve connection speed and therefore the quality and reliability of your live stream.

In addition to people and things that can interfere with the strength of the WiFI connection, your computer is periodically scanning for new WiFI networks even though it is already connected. This can cause dips in your connection speed and reliability on WiFi.

This does not make your internetspeed faster, but the wired LAN will give you a faster, consistent local connection and more usable bandwidth between you and the router which is why a wired connection is the way to go!

2. Interact With Your Viewers

Interacting can be one of the best ways to gain viewership. While you have tons to offers your viewers, they will most likely want to offer something back. Having the ability to ask questions, make comments and interact with you, plus the other viewers, can have a profound impact on your live stream.


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