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14 Must Haves for a Webinar Opt-In Page

By William Johnson

Let’s take a look at the top elements without which a webinar opt-in page proves incomplete and under-utilized.

A Powerful and Attractive Headline

Headlines are the statements that make your overall presentation accepted or rejected in the first few seconds. There is no dry run or second chance to capture user attention. So, make the title bold and in clear font so that anyone can easily scan the landing page and there is no confusion about what the registrants are subscribing for.

A Supportive Sub Headline

The supporting line under the main headline is equally important from reader’s point of view. Both the headline and secondary line should complement each other and convey the same meaning to audience. A well-drafted secondary title goes about explaining the main title. So, you should not miss out this second chance to win their interest.

Be Clear About Date and Time

Be upfront while displaying date and time in your webinar landing page. If the webinar schedule covers different time zones, ensure that you clearly mention all of them. Use world clock – a time zone converter to avoid any confusion. This helps you increase the number of registrants from multiple locations.

Make a Bold List of Benefits

This benefits section of the registration page needs to be convincing enough for someone to sign up for your webinar. Tell them the reasons why they should subscribe and what they will learn from the session. The better your audience understand the exclusiveness and significance of attending the webinar, the higher footfall you can expect on that big day.

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