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14 Reasons You Should Utilize Webinars

By Ryan Parker

Webinars are extremely powerful for drawing in and engaging with your prospects, as well as connecting with them from beyond the protection of your keyboard. Webinars are real, live, and open to many mistakes, just like all of us!

If you’re still not convinced that a human interaction won’t make a difference, check out some statistics that might change your mind:

  1. 62% of marketers are using webinars as a tactic to deliver B2B content marketing (up from 59% in 2012) (CMI)
  2. Marketers rate webinars as the 3rd most effective tactic of all (tied with videos)
  3. According to out of 8,197 companies surveyed, only 32% of companies were not running any webinars, while in contrast 18% of companies run 1 to 3, 17% run 4 to 6 a month, 16% are running7 to 12 webinars, 8% of companies rack up 13 to 26, and an even larger 9% of companies will run 27 or more in a given month! (
  4. There are no geographical boundaries
  5. Between 20% and 40% of webinar attendees turned into qualified leads. (ReadyTalk)
  6. The average viewership per webcast is 53 minutes. (Source: ON24)
  7. Of the lead generation tactics available, webinars are the second most effective type of premium content for marketers. (Source:Ascend 2)
  8. The average webinar attendance rate is 40 – 50% of registrants. (Source:ReadyTalk)
  9. The attendees can directly engage your company with questions
  10. It positions you and your company as an industry thought leader
  11. Webinars helps build you a bigger audience and contact list
  12. Webinars appeal to all learning styles, kinesthetic, auditory, visual (
  13. Webinars can easily be re-purposed
  14. Webinars give you the opportunity to connect with thought leaders in your industry. You can produce an interview-style webinar, a panel discussion, or a Q&A webinar and invite industry experts to take part (com)

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