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18 Tips and Hacks Behind High Converting Webinars that Turn Apathetic Leads into Eager Customers


Behind the scenes of high converting webinars


Here’s a list of 18 things pros do to increase the ROI of their webinars and laugh all the way to the bank. These tips, strategies, and hacks are divided by the three stages of a typical webinar lifecycle.

None of these tips/hacks are my own. They have been culled from different sources, and all of them have been field tested.

Pre-webinar stage

1) Drive traffic from Facebook ads

Most people drive traffic to the webinar registration page through a blog post or through an email to their mailing list. But what if you don’t have enough traffic to your post or have a tiny email list?

Try Facebook ads. Depending on your budget and the ad copy you will have to allocate some ad spend but if your offer has already been tested with the right audience these ads will draw in more people than you could have hoped to reach using organic methods.

If you want to get nearly the same results with even lower costs check out #2.


2) Offer a lead magnet to drive registrations

If you are seeing low conversion rates through Facebook ads to a webinar then offer users a lead magnet that’s related to the topic covered by the webinar.

The ad for the lead magnet would have a higher conversion rate, mainly because downloading a PDF is way less of a commitment than spending 60 minutes listening to a webinar.

Pitch the webinar on the Thank You page after the viewer has downloaded the lead magnet. For example, if your webinar is about help desk software, make your lead magnet something like “10 customer email templates for a help desk that delights users”, and offer your webinar as an upsell to the lead magnet which will show viewers how to run a high performing help desk.


3) Retarget using email and Facebook/ Google ads

Sometimes, people who have landed on the webinar registration page might not sign up immediately. For this cohort, run a retargeting campaign to nudge them towards signing up.

For people who have landed on your registration page through email but haven’t signed up, you can also use automation features offered by most email marketing software to segment them into a separate list and follow up with a gentle reminder.


4) Maintain consistency between the ads and the registration page

Inconsistency between ads/email and the headline of the registration page will cause people to immediately bounce off.


By Bhaskar Sarma



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