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18 webinar mistakes and how to destroy it

webinar mistakes

Your webinar is in trouble if…

1. If you use poor equipment

Jeff’s headphones fell into pieces like a minute after our first webinar was over. Obviously, they could have broken 10 minutes earlier and then I would have an even funnier story for this post.

My point: please, please, please (I can’t stress it enough) get a good webcam and a microphone.

You don’t need to go with ultra professional stuff, just buy something decent. Nobody wants to hear an echo while seeing that pixelated picture of yours.

2. If you pick up the wrong day

Wednesdays and Thursdays are webinar classics. Tuesdays are popular, too. Like, literally every article recommends hosting webinars in the middle of the week.

Statistics says they give you the maximum engagement. It makes sense: when you’re sitting in the office, webinars can be a good alternative to actually doing your job.

But the best webinar day really depends on your Google Analytics and the days your audience is most engaged. I mean, if your traffic peaks on Sunday, experiment with doing your webinars then.

3. If you do it at the wrong time

There won’t be any new revelations here. Webinars are live – your audience needs to be available for them. So to find out when they’re free and thinking about you:

1) Go to your analytics.
2) Check the countries where your website is popular.
3) Choose the time suitable for all of your fans.



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