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Mark Christiansen and Tom Swanton of Viastream are proud to announce a turnkey approach to branding yourself, your business and your message in this limited seating video webinar workshop.


Mark and Tom are Australia’s leaders in video streaming webinars and will get you and your business up to speed and generating more sales in this game changing two day hands-on workshop.


They will walk you through everything from computer setup on your PC or Mac to showing you the trade secrets and training tools of a professional and profitable video webinar .


  • Successful businesses know the value of webinars and video is proven to build rapport with a personal touch and therefore get more results.
  • Research also shows that persons lose focus on your message without interaction and that costs you sales.


Mark and Tom combine video and webinars and eliminate the headache of understanding technologies. They will hone in on the critical areas of our video webinar tools to make your video webinar a lead generating machine at a fraction of the cost that the large corporates pay for this type of production.


Did you know that businesses are actually losing sales by not embracing new lead generating tools and most businesses do not know where to start?


Many businesses are overwhelmed with all the options out there.


Viastream makes it simple for you to achieve your business and personal goals.


All types of people and organisations use our strategies and technology, including coaches, speakers, enterpreneurs, churches, consultants, medical and marine.


Finally a turn-key system to promote and share your products, services,and concepts and see your sales grow 24/7.

Course Objectives:

  • Uploading preliminary content
  • Setup multiple video webinar graphic profiles
  • Understand use of cameras and audio
  • Integrate the live video webinar panel into your website
  • Schedule a live video webinar
  • Launch a live video webinar
  • Learn the Interaction tools (Power Point slides, annotations, text chat, co-host, video share)
  • Archive for on-demand viewing
  • How to integrate your customer data base and email automation tool

Our solutions:

  • Completely web based software.
  • Advice / training on video and audio hardware.
  • Quick start training in webinar setup.
  • Complete training in webinar and automation systems setup.
  • Custom automation strategies for your customer life cycle.

Software Features:

  • Broadcast and beam in Co-hosts from anywhere in the world.
  • Share power point slides, documents.
  • Share pre-recorded videos!
  • Create customisable live webpages branded to your business.
  • View from your website or multiple websites simultaneously.
  • Password protection, subscription & pay per view features.
  • Viewer geographic analytics.
  • Measurable analytics of your marketing campaigns views.

Where to now?:

If your are ready to move forward and increase your customer base and keep them for life our two day hands on workshop is a great way to take full advantage of our system without being overloaded with info.

Register above and one of our Team will contact you.
If not fully satisfied we will happily refund your money. Sign up now to increase your sales.



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Video Webinar Content Guide

Gain a competitive advantage in your industry by downloading your Video Webinar Content Guide as used by successful Australian ASX100 and USA Fortune 500 companies to close sales and deals.

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