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3 Creative Ways to Boost Lead Generation with Video

3 ways to infuse your marketing activities with lead-generating videos so you can hit your goals, all while getting the biggest bang for your buck.

1. Campaign Landing Pages

Landing pages are meant for conversion. But before you can get anyone to convert, you first have to grab their attention. That’s why the main purpose of videos on landing pages is to be catchy and engaging. Let’s say you’ve just written a snazzy new guide and you really want your audience to read it—but first you need for them to download it. Video can help you do this by luring people in through humor or captivating storytelling. That’s because videos are 12 times more likely to be watched than text is to be read. So, grab that attention and focus on creating something that people will want to watch. There’s no need to use video to go into detail about what your guide offers—that’s what your landing page copy is for. But once they’ve watched your video, they’ll feel more committed to your offering and will be more likely to continue on to the rest of your landing page content.

2. Educational, High-Value Content

When your actual video is a high-value piece of content, like a webinar, you can do the lead capture right in the video itself. This is commonly used for stand-alone pieces of content.

More often than not, these videos will be accompanied by an email gate or full form gate. This means that viewers can’t see your content unless they fill in their contact information. Which is the exact reason that you need to make sure you communicate the value of what they’ll be receiving in the webinar somewhere other than your video (more than likely this will be through your web page copy).

Webinars are a great example of putting this into practice, since they offer a lot of high-value content, typically specific to one topic. Below is one example of including a form right on-page, prior to displaying the video.

By Kimbe MacMaster

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