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3 Unconventional Webinars That Close Business


We all know that webinars are great. With such a great communication tool at our fingertips, it’s a real shame that so many of us think that webinars are just for thought leadership. All we have to do is open our minds, and we can deliver webinars that really close business. Here are three ideas to get you started:

The Deminar

Live demos can be really effective at converting customers. They give prospects an opportunity to see what you have to offer with their own eyes and put aside any lingering doubts about the obvious awesomeness of your products. But delivering 1:1 demonstrations — or even live demos to small groups — can eat up man hours for you and your company. Instead, consider delivering those demos as a regular demonstration webinar (or “deminar”).

The Case Study

Case studies are always powerful lower-funnel content because they give prospects a chance to see how other customers have benefitted from your products or services. But who says that a case study has to be a boring old PDF? No one! Breathe some life into your case studies by bringing in real-life customers for an engaging, interactive case study.

An interview format always makes for compelling viewing. Focus the conversation on benefits and ROI. Ask your guest speaker for video clips of their deployment, so the audience can see it for themselves. Build up a large library of on-demand case study webinars. And remember that there’s no rule that says webinars always have to be 60 minutes. For a case study, 15 minutes or half an hour may be all that you need.

by Carole Snitzer


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