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4 Tips to Follow Before Hosting a Webinar for Successful Content Marketing

Webinars have become a great tool to build customer engagement with your brand and market your services and products in an effective manner. However, it can result in futility if not optimised and used in a wise form. Since it requires an investment from your part, it’s smart to know whether hosting a specific webinar will draw optimum benefits to your marketing endeavours.

4 Important Tips on Hosting a Webinar:

1. Estimate your attendees

Before hosting a webinar, it’s a must to know the numerical strength of your attendants. A webinar is likely to be more effective if people are genuinely interested in your offerings. For its success, ensure that a significant number of participants will turn up and engage in constructive discussions. A poor attendance will mean lesser interaction during a webinar and can wager your brand’s credibility. For instance, the webinars by Kissmetrics and Inbound owe their success to their huge audience.

Usually, only 40% of all registered candidates turn out for the session. So, don’t worry if every registrant didn’t attend the webinar.

You can run a survey with the existing users to enhance and revise their interests with your brand. This can help you calculate an average number of attendees you’ll get for the virtual session. In case the numbers aren’t as expected you will know if it is the right time to have a webinar. Also, giving you a chance to invest your valuable time and efforts in reaching out to a larger audience.

2. Have relevant professional connections

Hosting an effective and captivating webinar can be done on your own. However, there are many companies that invite guest presenters and panellists representing their brands. Bringing experts from outside can add some variety to your sessions in case you are planning to create a series of virtual seminars. Besides, these experts can extend a greater insight into a specific subject by offering new perspectives and ideas.

Develop the necessary connections required for hosting a webinar to bring credibility and further recognition to your business. You can invite multiple guest speakers since there are plenty of experts who can help your webinar become a success. Take WordStream for instance. Partnered with Google, the webinars hosted on WordStream usually have guest panellists from many Google departments. However, you can take it into your own hands and personally contact expert orators who would be interested in presenting in your webinar.

3. Focus on fresh and captivating ideas

A webinar is a marketing strategy in guise but it must not be limited to that purpose only.  It is an investment of time and money (in some cases) on the part of your attendants. Therefore, it is important to consider that your webinar will only be a success if it caters to the requirements of your viewers in some way or the other.




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