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5 Expert Tips for Growing Your Webinar Attendance

In order to effectively attract your webinar audience, you must understand that most registrants and attendees are not “sales ready” at this point. Instead, they are on a journey to become better informed and better educated.

Webinars continue to be an invaluable content marketing tool for companies to attract and engage with prospects as well as retain existing customers to become your advocates. They are theatrical, like a radio show with pictures, that allows you tell a story beyond sound bites with real business outcomes.

Over the last eight years, my team and I have produced, delivered, and moderated hundreds of webinars across a wide canvas of B2B industries. In many cases, we’ve seen how a well-produced and delivered webinar can move prospects off the fence to become new customers as well as help measure their intent to purchase as a result of attending the webinar.

Let’s get into more specifics on how you can plan and ensure you attract your desired audience

1. Choose a Relevant Topic

Is your topic a “must have” that will educate the audience on how to overcome a pain point or demonstrate how they will achieve better outcomes? People won’t register if it’s not specific or if it doesn’t provide content that will help them overcome a vexing challenge. Remember, people buy when they are in pain and have money to solve it.

2. Use Industry Disruption to Your Advantage

Industries in turmoil, or ones dealing with confusion and change, are ripe for attending a webinar to learn how to overcome these challenges. Webinars that address these issues do very well in attracting their audiences. All of the examples above, in one way or another, were dealing with disruption from industry changes of markets, standards, or legal compliance shifts.

By Mike Agron


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