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5 Foolproof Tips for Developing Winning Webinars

Winning Webinars

A webinar can open many doors for a company. If produced correctly, a webinar can help retain clients, generate leads, establish your brand as a thought leader within the industry and create content that will engage your audience by using an interactive, creative channel. It seems so simple, but how can you be sure you’re doing it right?

Learn how to unlock this door to create more engaging content with Cision’s best webinar practices.

Work backwards

Start by planning a webinar 60 days in advance. It’s important to have the time to plan out every aspect from topic to presenter to the Q&A of the webinar. Advance time will keep the marketing team organized and provide a chance to fully promote the webinar.

Pick the best day and time

ON24 has an extensive study into what day and time has shown to have the highest average of attendees. By analyzing 9,000 webinars, they’ve uncovered that most webinars typically occur on Wednesday or Thursday. The time that has the highest attendance rate is 11 A.M. PT/2 P.M. ET. Try out different days/times to see what works best for your audience.

Promote, promote, promote

There are a number of ways to properly promote a webinar. Webinars require teamwork and include media promotion, social promotion, personal invites from sales teams and invitations from the presenters themselves.

As far as email promotion goes, there are four types of emails that need to be sent for a webinar.

Invite Email No.1: Start promoting the webinar at least two weeks in advance with an initial email invite to your database of contacts. Make sure to highlight the benefits of attending the webinar and include two locations within the email for contacts to register.

The ‘Thank you for registering’ Email: This should be a simple email that thanks the contact for registering and includes day-of details.

Invite Email No. 2: Make sure to use a different subject line for this email send. Why? This invite should go everyone that did not register through invite No. 1. This provides a second chance at getting your target audience to open that email, so be creative! The ideal send date for this would be one week prior to the webinar.

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