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5 steps to choosing the right video conferencing tool

The immersive nature of video conferencing has led to its rise as one of the principal modes of business communication

video conferencing

Three quarters of workers believe video conferencing is likely to replace conference calls and become the traditional method of business communication, according to Telepresence Options.

The average attention span is 35 minutes on a video conference call compared to only 23 minutes on a telephone call. So organisations have to choose the right equipment to make maximum use of it.

But how do they decide which is the right video conferencing solution for their business? Here are few tips to choose the right equipment.

1. Estimate usage
To select the right equipment, you have to know users’ requirements. Your staff and customers are your users. Make sure you find out from your employees and clients how they hold meetings and how many participants join in each session.

Also, know whether the meetings are long or short. Get to know whether the meetings are planned in advance or take place spontaneously. Find out whether meetings are recorded.

Getting to know these details from employees and customers will help you choose the right equipment. Since each employee uses different systems and devices, it is best to choose equipment with interoperability.

2. Collaboration technologies
If you want to use sophisticated techniques for brainstorming and further interaction, you may need advanced collaboration technologies that provide desktop sharing and whiteboarding. If you just want face-to-face communication, a simple video conferencing utility may suffice.

3. Compatibility with devices
You should make sure the video conferencing system supports all the varieties of end points. The client may be using different desktops or mobile devices, so you have to ensure they will be able to connect seamlessly with the video conferencing system.

If you want high-quality video conferences, you may choose video conferencing room solutions with HD monitors, voice-locating cameras and stereo sound systems.


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