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5 Tips for Producing Great Webinars

By Brittany Huber

One of the frequently cited keys to successful content marketing and community engagement is to do incorporate something unique and more compelling than the standard blogs or photo galleries. While there are obviously many ways to use different types of media and different approaches to sharing information, one of the more popular and easier to implement options is the webinar. While they do require a certain amount of technology and know-how to pull off successfully, they mostly just require your subject matter expertise and an interest in sharing it with the community. But before you flip on that webcam to get started, I have a few tips to avoid common pitfalls and get the most out of your webinar efforts.

Because a webinar requires a more concerted effort to participate in for your customers and other viewers, it’s that much more critical to make certain that you offer great value for the time people are committing. While it can be tempting to feel like you have to make sure a webinar is a certain length to justify putting in the effort to produce it, you absolutely do not want to make it longer than it has to be just to hit some arbitrary minimum length you’ve decided on. Let it be as long as it needs to be to clearly but succinctly get across the information you want to share, and don’t worry if that’s twenty minutes instead of forty-five, or thirty minutes instead of an hour. It’s also important that you prioritize what information is most important to get across to your audience. Sales pitches and advertising schpiels should not be a priority, nor should every minute detail of a certain subject. You want to understand what information about chosen subject is going to be the most relevant to your viewers, as well as the most unique. A smaller amount of well-presented information that your audience wouldn’t be able to get from another source is going to offer more value than just a larger amount of information that is less unique or less well handled.

Leverage the advantages of the platform

You’re not writing an article, you’re presenting a web-based seminar, which means you have a whole host of unique things you can do that other mediums don’t allow. Real-time question and answer sessions can be a key part of a webinar set-up and can be done either through social media or directly through a livestream software set-up, allowing viewers to potentially impact exactly what information they receive. Visual aids, especially animated ones, and software demonstrations are another key to extra providing information that could not otherwise be communicated in a flat text or article format. The biggest thing to remember is to make it worth going to the extra effort to produce the webinar and not just a blog post or white paper or other article. Far too often I find myself watching any kind of video-based content and wondering “why wasn’t this just an article?” and that is not what you want. Think very carefully about what is going to be best suited to the format when deciding on a topic. The best topics are the ones that are going to be significantly enhanced by some combination of the specific features of a webinar.

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