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5 Tips to Grow Your Business with Live Streaming Video

Here are five unique ideas to get you started!

#1 Host Live Q&A Sessions

Broadcasting in real-time offers a chance for viewers to ask you questions and receive prompt responses.

Q&As are also incredibly valuable to your marketing strategy as they help by:

  • Keeping you in tune with your audience
  • Understanding specifically what your audience wants
  • Understanding the concerns and difficulties they have

Consider hosting Q&A sessions the same time weekly or monthly to create expectancy. It’s a great way for followers to feel connected with you, further humanizing your brand.

#2 Take Followers Backstage

Give followers a taste of your brand’s culture by inviting them into the office, behind-the-scenes. Events that were once shut off to the public are now made easily accessible through live streaming.

Whether it’s a conference event, the holiday party, the company BBQ, or simply office shenanigans, allow people to experience more of your brand through the lens of live social video.

#3 Demonstrate Your Products

Did you know that after watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy that product online? As mentioned, videos have an amazing way of getting people to take an action. Product videos are excellent content pieces for your strategy because your audience can see the way your product works and how it will benefit them.

#4 Report Breaking News

Be the first to share trending news in your industry by whipping out your mobile device and going live! Your fans will appreciate you keeping them in the know. This will also help to position you as a reliable resource. Most importantly, this adds to your credibility and enriches your overall digital marketing strategy. (There is that trust factor again.)

Note: When reporting breaking news, be sure to share your brand’s opinion. It’s another way for followers to get to know you and where you stand on key topics.

#5 Expand on Popular and Evergreen Blog Articles

Your small business blog is perhaps your most valuable online asset. Your blog helps your business in several ways:

  • Your blog helps your company to be viewed as an expert in your niche
  • It offers a place for your brand’s voice
  • It helps in boosting your website’s search visibility
  • It’s also a key tool for repurposing content to extend your reach and influence


By Geoff Skadra



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