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6 Changes Affecting Video Conferencing Today

Video conferencing is coming to the corporate mainstream, and here’s why.

By Andrew W. Davis

Here are six trends and developments that are bringing video conferencing into the corporate mainstream.

Support for Scale

As time goes on, more and more individuals who have grown up with the Internet, mobile devices, and visual communications are entering the workplace. IT departments, in turn, are adjusting to meet the demands of this evolving workforce for greater mobility, flexibility, and more choice in how and where to work and which tools and devices to use for which tasks. As a result, video conferencing is being democratized — no longer limited to senior executives, but now a tool available to product managers, business directors, and human resources experts.

Increased Reliability

For any business tool to be successful, it must be reliable. The solution has to provide a consistent user experience every time, or users will choose another tool. This is especially true in the communications world, where multiple people participate and where multiple options exist (voice, video, text chat, email, etc.).

video conferencing

Integration With Enterprise Systems

In the past, video conferencing technology largely existed in a silo, limited to conference rooms and often without an integrated scheduling process. Even when an enterprise deployed video to desktop and mobile devices, most departments used stand-alone video conferencing applications. This situation is now changing, driven by a growing interest in providing business professionals with a single user interface or even a single application that can handle voice, video, text chat, presence status, and even file sharing. Hence, UC vendors are positioning video conferencing as an integrated part of their communications solutions, a capability that is always available and easy to use.


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