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6 Common Webinar Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Webinar Mistakes

One of the best ways to promote your company’s research and thought leadership efforts is through a webinar, which is quickly becoming one of the most important tools for businesses today. Not only do webinars bridge time and space and allow you to reach customers, employees, and stakeholders simultaneously, but they also save time and money. As a highly effective and cost-efficient way to communicate, it’s important for businesses to add webinars to their marketing mix. But in order to maximize your return on your webinar and fully engage with your audience, steer clear of the following common webinar mistakes.

Not Respecting Your Audience’s Time

Nowadays, people’s obligations and responsibilities extend far beyond the average workday and their time is precious. When hosting a webinar, fully respect your audience’s time – don’t start late, don’t exceed the advertised length, allow ample time for Q&A, and don’t hesitate to finish early if you’ve covered all of your talking points.

It’s also important to base your webinar length on your content. There’s no need to default to a 60-minute webinar if you only have 30 minutes of solid content. You’ll find that most people actually appreciate shorter webinars since they tend to be more concise and to the point.

Not Promoting Your Webinar Early and Often

In order to have a successful webinar and ensure registrants actually attend the event, you need to begin promotion at least two weeks before launch, if not more. Be sure to use all the channels at your disposal whether that be social media, e-blasts, newsletters, etc. Email has been shown to be the most effective communication tool for webinar promotion, and in order to encourage registration, vary the content within these emails. In the first email, mention the event time and description, and in the second communication, consider going into more detail about the panelists and speakers. By promoting early and often, you can generate excitement for your event and ultimately increase the size of your audience.

By Erika Maguire


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