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6 Easy Webinar Slide Design Tips To Create Enticing PowerPoint Slides

“Web” and “seminar” combined together, webinars liberate presenters and attendees from the hassle of manual preparations; with just a date and time, a good Internet connection, and a few pieces of sound-enhancing equipment, anyone can preside an online seminar. So here’s six Easy Webinar Slide Design Tips To Create Enticing PowerPoint Slides.

1. The Basics

When creating your slides, one major thing to remember is that unlike face-to-face talks where your PowerPoint file is preloaded and just waiting for a click, everything you do, show, and say is dictated by your Internet speed. So, exercise control on what you put on your slides.

Simplicity is always the choice if you don’t want every slide taking a few seconds to load and your attendees getting annoyed by the second. A simple background will suffice. One color is more than enough; even when it comes to texture and graphics, think very long and very hard whether you need them. If you can pull it off, even a white background will be great for framing your content.

2. Images

Incorporating pictures into your slides will be tricky. On one hand, you know you will need images for driving home points and relaying your message faster; on the other, they will most certainly be bigger in size than the background you’re using, even when reducing their actual dimensions in your slides.

Don’t downplay the importance of images, though. You know how powerful they can be. So how do you manifest that? As counterintuitive and counterproductive as it may seem, use more slides (if you have to). Having one image per slide will have minimal effect on the loading times of your webinar (provided it’s small enough).

3. Text

In line with the point above, there shouldn’t be that much text. Similar to a normal PowerPoint presentation, text should be kept to a minimum. Have only one point per slide; if you’ve got more than a handful of points, then keep adding slides. Take care and make sure you’re not adding too much though. There is such a thing as death by PowerPoint because of too many one-liner slides.

Far too often, you hear about presenters who put walls of text on one slide, only to be followed by another. If you do that during a webinar, then your attendees won’t be listening as you speak.

By Rick Enrico


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