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6 Ways to Have Better Video Conferences

Video Conferences or webcasting will become a core part of enterprise communications strategy for everything from internal training, sales calls and interaction with customers.

By Antoinette Siu

Video Conferences

Clearly, face-to-face meetings — even via video — have a solid future. But before teams jump into more video conferences, consider these suggestions:

  1. Make sure the organization has a clearly articulated video strategy in place. Unless businesses take the lead in selecting and sanctioning video services, workers will turn to free services, which can create a hodgepodge of technologies and potential security threats.
  2. Invest in the right lighting. It makes a difference. Train people about the right ways to light the room and the people in it. Open the blinds or turn off overhead lights if it casts a shadow. Check for simple fixes.
  3. Check what’s in the background before the call starts. While you don’t need a static background, the camera should focus on the speaker in the middle. Dress appropriately. Vague background movement is fine and can actually keep viewers visually engaged, but avoid jarring movement, Ramirez said.
  4. Consider background noises. In an urban office, set up in a room that minimizes street noises. Remote workers should make sure barking dogs and giggling children are out of the room before the call starts.
  5. When running a webinar with a presenter and large audience, encourage presenters to at least use video if there are no other visuals. With the “show-and-tell” element, engagement goes way up.
  6. Be creative when using video for sales and marketing goals. Define what the video conference is for and what the context is for projects. When Alaska Airlines rebranded, dancers, a new logo and a Boeing in the backdrop were all part of the big reveal.

The bottom line: Video is more than just a talking head. It should be an immersive digital customer experience.


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