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6 Webinar Tips to Ensure Your Webinar Gets the Best Results

There’s no magic formula to running a successful webinar, but there are several tips that you can put to use in order to maximize your chances of doing so. The better your webinar goes, the more engaged your users will be and the more chances you’ll have to impress them. In this article, we’re going to explore six such tips, why they’re important, and how to implement them. Let’s start by talking about planning.

1. Plan Your Webinar Carefully

It might sound redundant, but planning ahead is key to organizing a great webinar. After all, it’s definitely not the type of event you want to put together on a day’s notice.

Planning ahead is critical because it gives you enough time to promote your event. A day or two may be sufficient for a few of your die-hard followers to clear their calendar, but it’s far too little time for the word to spread around. By giving yourself enough of a buffer, you’ll also maximize the number of people who might join your event – and the more eyes, the better.

2. Keep Your Webinar Concise

One of the secrets to creating great content is to know when to wrap things up, and that applies to webinars as well.

A lot of webinars make the mistake of dragging on for too long. If your event lasts hours, chances are your audience will begin to lose interest and start leaving before you get the opportunity to make your killer pitch. That’s a loss of conversions that can be easily avoided by keeping things concise.

Now, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to pack as much value as possible within your webinar; there are ways to convey information without testing your audience’s patience. For example, if the subject you’re going to tackle is too broad to cover in an hour or so – which should be your upper cap, as a rule of thumb – you might consider breaking it down into installments. That way, if your content is engaging enough, you’ll have viewers coming back for more at a later date.

By John Hughes


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