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7 Things to Remember for Effectively Using Video for Your Webinar

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As the webinar creeps closer to becoming a television production, it’s important to understand how to effectively use video in your presentation. Studies show that video continues to grow in popularity for the webinar, and that means more people are logging on. But as Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben would say: “With great power comes great responsibility.” That means the point-and-shoot approach will not add value to your webinar.

Like anything else, if the video looks amateurish or has too many technical flaws, it just creates another reason for viewers to log off of your webinar.

Knowing how to use the camera

Whether you’re using the built-in web cam on your MacBook Air, mounting a small HD camcorder on a tripod, or planning a broadcast-quality camera, be sure you’re familiar with the equipment. It sounds ridiculous, but sometimes it’s overlooked and leads to you fumbling around to get the camera started.

Make you sure you know how to do the following:

  • Turn it on: Not all cameras have an easily visible means of powering them on. Take some time to find it so you can act fast.

  • Make adjustments: Exposure, white balance, and focus are automatic on most cameras, and can also be adjusted if the standard setting is less than flattering. Understand how to manually adjust the camera, when applicable.

  • Properly connect your video: Nothing’s worse than going through the trouble of adding video, only to find out you can’t see it in the console.


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