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7 Tips for Hosting an Incredibly Profitable Webinar

The following are seven tips that you can follow to improve your webinar game and, hopefully, your bottom line.

1. Use great webinar software and equipment.

Webinars have come a long way in the past decade, and webinar software has continually improved to meet the growing demand. Great webinar software can handle the registration, reminder emails and follow-up emails and help you put on a smooth presentation.

2. Deliver incredible content.
Your webinar should be geared toward solving your customer’s problems and actually deliver on that goal.

3. Be energetic and likable.
When putting on a webinar, get yourself energized before it begins. Go run around the block or blast some “Eye Of The Tiger” if you need to, but pump yourself up and let your personality shine through.

4. Send out several reminders.
People are busy, and although they may have been excited to sign up, your webinar will likely be forgotten if you don’t send out reminders.

5. Don’t be afraid to sell.
If you’ve delivered incredible content to the webinar attendees, you should not be afraid to ask for something in return. Most likely you are not doing a webinar just for good will — you are hoping that a percentage of those attending will give you money for something you are offering. So ask them! Remember, if what you are selling will honestly help them, it would be a disservice not to encourage them to buy your product.

6. Use deadlines.
People are funny. We fret over every little purchase and seldom make a decision until the last minute. The same is true for the people on your webinars — they will wait until the last minute. If you don’t have a last minute, you won’t sell nearly as well, so create some urgency.

7. Focus on your funnel.
Finally, remember that the webinar is just part of the funnel. As I talked about recently in my post here on Entrepreneur, “Double Your Revenue Using This Simple, Time-Tested Technique,” optimizing every part of the funnel can create a drastic difference in your bottom line.

By Brandon Turner

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