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7 Tips For Recording Your First Evergreen Webinar

Are webinars a key part of your business but you’re tired of doing them live?

If you didn’t know, webinars are used by some of the most successful online business owners to generate both leads and sales but, doing them often can get tiring.

We have clients that run webinars multiple times a week to once a week.

They build up some amazing momentum but start to get worn out at some point.

At that point it will feel right to record your first evergreen webinar.

But where do you start?

While it’s easy to think that evergreen webinars are just like live webinars, but recorded, there are some things you should know in order to create a successful evergreen webinar.

After building out hundreds of webinar funnels, both live and evergreen, we wanted to share 7 tips for recording your first evergreen webinar.

1. Don’t Use A Recording Of A Live Event – Record On Your Own

Hands down, the number one question I get when it comes to recording your first evergreen webinar is:

“Can I use a recording of a previous webinar that converted well or do I have to record a new one from scratch”?

My honest recommendation is to record a new webinar from scratch so that you can create the perfect event and timing for your soon to be evergreen webinar.

If you map out your “perfect webinar” it will most likely best be accomplished if you can control all aspects of the event. The only guaranteed way to achieve that is to record your presentation as if it were in front of an audience using a tool like Screenflow if you’re on a Mac or Camtasia if you’re on a PC.

2. Don’t Reference Time, Date Specific Events or the Weather

One of the benefits of leveraging evergreen webinars is that you can create an on-demand experience in the viewer’s own timezone. Heck, you can even offer webinars multiple times a day and week.

That means some people will be watching at night, while others may be watching in the morning or afternoon.

So, you probably don’t want to say “Good morning”, “Good afternoon” or “Happy Friday” in your webinar recording. (The only exception is you only broadcast your webinars in the morning or on a specific day which, then it makes a bit more sense)

By Greg Hickman


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