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8 Things You Need To Host A High-Converting Webinar

Have you considered hosting a webinar as part of your lead generation and sales efforts? Webinars (short for ‘web-based seminars’) are simulcasted lectures that can reach a digital audience, in real time, from anywhere in the world. Think of it as a conference keynote that you can view from the comfort of your own desk. Sales webinars are a great way to explain complex ideas, walk users through new strategies and demonstrate the value of your company’s products for a highly engaged, live audience.

Follow these 8 steps to guarantee that your webinar hits the mark.

1) Choose a Topic that Resonates

When hosting a webinar, choose a topic that your core audience already has a strong interest in. You can consult customer surveys, your social media followers and the comments on your blog to identify a topic that your users are hungry to learn more about. The title of your webinar needs to immediately grab their attention and instill the desire to see more.

2) Design Your Webinar Presentation

Of course, if you plan to host a webinar, you need to create the visuals! Don’t settle for a bland, cookie cutter presentation. Instead, trust professional designers to develop unique slideshows and video for your webinar. Your presentation needs to make a lasting impression on your leads, and there are experts who know exactly how to make that happen.

3) Provide Something of Extra Value During The Webinar

Consider providing your audience with complimentary items on top of all the information.

4) Develop and Send a Promotional Email

The first step in having well-qualified leads register for your webinar is to invite them. Send your leads an email filled with pertinent information describing the value they’ll receive from the webinar and links or buttons to the registration page.

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