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8 Tips for Solopreneurs to Convert a Webinar Into a Content Goldmine

Most solopreneurs hold webinars and upload the recorded version for prospects that may have missed the live one. However, one opportunity they are not using is leveraging the webinars for content marketing.

If you are dabbling in webinars, use the following strategies to generate epic content for your brand.

Gate-keep the Webinars

When advertising the webinar, avoid the temptation to indicate that a replay will be available. Most online business owners simply require prospects to register to be sent a replay of the webinar. However, with this approach, it can be difficult to segment warm and cold leads.

Warm leads will make time to attend your webinar regardless of the commitments they may have. Use tools such as Infusionsoft and Hubspot to segment the leads based on their actions regarding your webinar. After segmenting the leads, you can follow up on them with more relevant content and close them to become customers.

Limit Availability

Another way you can leverage your webinar content is to make it available only to members. If you have an existing membership community, offering webinar replays as part of the membership can be one of the unique value propositions you can use to get more leads. To access the videos prospects may have to pay for membership or register to access the video portal.

Use SlideShare

Leverage the slides of your webinar to generate more traffic to your website or offers. You can do this by creating presentations and posting them on SlideShare. This will bring more eyeballs to your brand without you having to give away the entire webinar content. Using SlideShare is a viable method of generating new leads and traffic to your website.

By Beth Worthy


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