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5 Tips for Landing Your Webinar Speaker of Choice


You want to do a webinar. You have an excellent topic based on your target audience’s needs. You know what platform you want to use and the best ways to promote it.

But what about the speaker? You have someone in mind who can not only speak authoritatively on the topic, but who can also draw those coveted attendees. Will they agree to it? What is the best way to approach this potential speaker and get him or her to buy into your webinar?

First:do research prior to approaching your target. You may know they are an expert on the subject, but do you know the details of their education, publications or awards? Do you know if they have any connection with your organization? Do they use your products or services or, better yet, do they have a personal relationship with your organization?

People like to be known and recognized for their achievements and the scientific community is no exception, but acknowledging this information will also show your potential speaker that you know their expertise will fit with the topic you have in mind. They’ll appreciate your interest in them and will be more likely to respond favorably if you can back up your ask.

Second:be sure to emphasize what’s in it for them. This is primarily a branding opportunity – a chance to position themselves as a thought leader in the scientific community, and to give back to it. Webinars are excellent ways to build that reputation. Be sure to outline all of the promotional efforts that will be involved, how they can use them on their own channels, and be sure to make the presentation available after the event for everyone’s promotional efforts.



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