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A Review of the DJI T600 1 Quadcopter with 4k Video Camera with Dual Controllers

By Stephen

Taking things a step beyond the power and technology of their Phantom line of 4k-capable quadracopter drones, DJI emerged with the Inspire 1 drone for the more professional and less budget conscious consumer market.

Featuring a rich assortment of specs and characteristics for some truly exquisite aerial 4K videoand photo still capture, the Inspire 1 is also unique in the fact that it comes with two controllers for a maximum of usability. One controller manipulates and flies the drone itself while the other can be used to control just the 3-axis gimbal-mounted 4K ultra HD camera. Furthermore, with top speeds of 50 miles per hour and an altitude ceiling that’s literally in the clouds (or possibly higher), the Inspire 1 offers a truly powerful aerial filming experience.

Only weaknesses like a limited amount of air time and a somewhat higher than normal price tag might keep this particular DJI drone from being a better seller.

Where to start? The Inspire 1 T600 4K drone from DJI is genuinely loaded with superb features, and depending on which package you buy on or elsewhere, it can also come with both controllers, an extra battery, a hard case and a number of other accessories, or you can opt for a more economical approach and simply get the basic drone + controller + 1 battery package. Whichever may be the case, the essential top notch qualities of the Inspire 1 that you get your hands on will be identical. And what are some of these qualities?

For starters, the Inspire 1 is pretty much ready to fly right out of the box. This is a very useful benefit of the drone for those who aren’t exactly inclined to or very smooth at pre-assembly. Within minutes of being unpacked and activated, this drone can go shooting up into the skies and all of its core technology is built into it right from square one.

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