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A Review of the Sony 4K mirrorless full-frame Alpha A7s II camera

By Stephen

Sony’s new Alpha A7s II is a direct follow-up to the original Alpha A7s from last year and while this new full-frame mirrorless shooting machine keeps a lot of the essential specs and external appearance features of the original Alpha, it has also come with a number of powerful, exciting new changes.

While the same fantastically high ISO setting of 409,600 has stayed the same between the two cameras, this newest Alpha also comes with fully internal 4K video recording capacity that’s far superior to the 4K video recording the former Alpha could do only by relying on an external 4K recorder. Furthermore, the new Alpha A7s II comes with a number of other new refinements that make it into a generally superior machine.

In total, this latest Sony 4k camera offers all the power of its predecessor while portably allowing for 4K video at 24 and 30 fps and manages to do this in a way that creates far clearer, sharper more exquisite 4K (and HD) video than what was the case with the older version of the Alpha. The new Alpha A7s II is not a cheap camera for the budget conscious but boy is it ever worth its purchase price.

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