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A Review of the Sony FDR-AX100/B 4K Video Camera with 3.5-Inch LCD

by Stephen

Sony’s FDR-AX100/B 4K video camcorder is one versatile little piece of technology and certainly one of Sony’s more interesting consumer market 4K ultra HD video recorder devices. While not a marvel of miniaturization like some models, the AX100 certainly comes in a relatively small package, featuring a body that measures only 8 inches in length and a full weight (with battery included) of just 2 pounds. Furthermore, the tube-shaped body comes with a mixture of metal subframing and easy to grip plastic coating that combine to make this camcorder not only feel pretty serious but also deliver a combination of strength and easy handling.

On the other hand, the AX100 is not one of Sony’s cheapest 4K camcorders and while it certainly comes loaded with features and specs, some users might be more comfortable and more than equipped enough with more affordable models that don’t run to a nearly $2,000 price tag like the AX100.

Shooting features in the AX100 run between several video resolution formats that include 4K and two different modes of 1080p HD as well as lower resolution. There is also a neat but not exceptionally unique mode for shooting dual HD/4K video at the same time with this camcorder.

To summarize image quality and video resolution, the Sony FDR-AX100 delivers wonderfully on both. Despite being a 4K camcorder that delivers the UHD video at 30 frames per second with some excellent HD shooting capability at 60 frames, this shooter can also handle superbly vibrant and clear 20.9 megapixel still photos under a range of conditions and optical zoom levels. Basically, the quality of still image shooting which comes out of this camera easily matches what you’ll get from most high quality consumer market still cameras.

Video footage is however its real strong point, with crisp video and extremely good depth of field even under tighter, more compressed shooting modes being possible. The frame rate of the camera’s 4K video isn’t as good as we’d like (at least 50 fps) but it’s still smooth enough for most light UHD recording.

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