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About Us

We are Video Webcast & Webinar Consultants


Webcasts and Webinars play an integral role in ensuring Corporations and Small and Medium Enterprises meet their goals.

Viastream can assist you in delivering a LIVECast company Annual General Meeting, training of staff, collaborating with offices globally or connecting interactively with clients and potential clients.

We have over 10 Years of proven live and recorded online video experience that delivers results via International Sporting Events, Global Corporations and small & medium businesses.

Our Services

Our services provide a comprehensive range of delivery avenues that your team can be trained in online or face to face or that our Team can design and manage to suit your content and objectives in a professional manner.

Whether streaming content from your Corporate Head Office, a remote area branch work site or from home – Viastream has the Strategies, Software and Hardware components to service your needs.

Key Services

  • Live webcasts/ webinars
  • Automated webinars
  • Video and Audio
    • Editing and rendering
    • Encoding for all devices
  • Script writing
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Bandwidth management

Founders of Viastream

Mark Christiansen

“I have been involved in the Maritime Industry for over 30 years. In both Commercial Maritime (via leadership & businesses roles) and Competitive Racing such as Transpacific Ocean Racing, Involved in the America‚Äôs Cup and Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yachting Events.

Because of my work and related travels I found that if I really wanted to communicate my experiences to others in what can be a harsh and remote environment, online video was the best way to do this, being the closest to actually being out there in middle of all that excitement, adrenaline and beauty.. I then set out to find a stable online video system and became very passionate about it. It has worked so well for me, that I believe I can help others to successfully convey their message.”

Tom Swanton

“With over 25 years accounting and audit for small, medium and large businesses & organisations from Self Managed Super Funds and Universities to companies such as the Commonwealth Bank, Telstra and Qantas I have found that the main thing that makes these organisations work or not work is the effectiveness of their communication. Communication both with staff and customers!

So when I was asked over 7 years ago whether I was interested in becoming involved in the online video business, in short I jumped at the opportunity. Over that time I have been able to grow my CPA Practice to be one of the top 100 out of approx 6,000 in my field in Australia. My passion for business, coupled with my passion for helping others has me on a mission to aid others to grow their own businesses via online video webinars.”

Some of “Our Projects” to date:

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