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What is Webcasting?

Webcasting is the process of video broadcasting live over the internet. This technology operates in real-time and allows for active conversations among and between the webcaster and their viewers. The internet has allowed for so many amazing things over the

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When Did it Become Okay to Use a Webinar Meeting Tool?

By Mark Szelenyi If you’ve used online webinar meeting tool before, you know they offer a basic level of functionality that gets the job done. As our new video points out, in rather Goofus and Gallant style, online meeting tools

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14 Reasons You Should Utilize Webinars

By Ryan Parker Webinars are extremely powerful for drawing in and engaging with your prospects, as well as connecting with them from beyond the protection of your keyboard. Webinars are real, live, and open to many mistakes, just like all

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What is a Video Codec and How to Identify It?

When you download video files from the Internet, there is always a chance they won’t play properly or won’t play at all. It may happen because the file wasn’t uploaded correctly by its owner or your Internet connection is not

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3 Tips for Scheduling Your Webinars

One of the biggest challenges we face as webinar promoters is getting registrants to follow through on their commitment to show up for our events.A major obstacle is the excuse that “I’m not available at that time.” Address this challenge

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