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5 Tips to Make An Eye-Catching Live Video Stream

The amount of available live video streams on the internet increases drastically every day. As more marketers and broadcasters find it to be a useful medium, more of them are adopting live streaming into their business strategies. As with most

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How Do You Spell Over-the-Top Streaming Success? Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y

Where are all the cord-cutters? Without more attention to quality of experience from a user perspective, OTT will never truly compete with broadcast. By Jason Thibeault Despite the hype, online video is not poised to take over the television experience

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Three Solutions How to Play MKV Files in Different Media Player

MKV data files are video data in Matroska format, which really is a free, open multimedia system format. Matroska is similar to AVI or MP4, however, not included in patents or restrictive licenses. Finally, we will help you how to

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HEVC in HLS: 10 Key Questions for Streaming Video Developers

Most encoders will have some kind of trade-off between complexity and quality. For example, the x265 codec uses the same presets as x264 (ultra fast to placebo) while MainConcept uses multiple levels from 1 to 30. Once you get familiar

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10 Best Practices for Webinar Presentation Design

The goal for a presentation is to build energy and disseminate information about a new product, tool, or corporate strategy, not to train new skills and provide opportunities for practice. Often, the audiences for these types of programs include clients,

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