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How to Score, Enhance, and Caption Your Videos with YouTube Creator Studio

As video pros, we don’t often consider YouTube a viable option for postproduction. But there are a surprising number of features found under the site’s Creator Studio that can be useful time savers. The editing capabilities found in YouTube’s back

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How to Produce Interactive Webinars on a Webcast Platform

Historically, webinars used Adobe Flash and webcasts used streaming servers and the HTML5 standard. While the underlying technology might not mean much to clients, the bigger client-side difference was that webcasts had a broadcast delay but the video looked way

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How Webinars and Online Courses Are Great for Business Carbon Footprints

For years now, people have been talking about how we are marching steadily toward a truly paperless office. Even in your own day-to-day life, you’ve likely witnessed several dramatic changes to how much paper you actually use. Maybe you’ve opted out

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How to Create Webinars That Close More Business

Webinars are not anything new. In fact, businesses have been doing them for years. That said, there are many ways to go about creating a successful webinar. After all, just because you launch a webinar does not guarantee its success. Webinars take practice

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10 Tips for Creating a Successful Video Marketing Strategy

If you haven’t jumped on the video marketing train yet, it isn’t too late. But if you miss it, there may be no trains after it for you to catch. Of course, it isn’t enough just to create videos for

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