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What You Call Your Webinar Matters: Five Tips for Better Titles

You have a lot of competition for the attention of your audience. YouTube videos, events in the news, and your competitors’ webinars are all clamoring for their time and views. To stand out, you need a title that gets attention—and gets audiences to click. Here are a few pointers to developing titles that work.

Ask a question in your title. Questions are a great tactic because they make your audience think about the answer. They can also be funny and lighthearted or prove your credibility by asking a question everyone in your industry is asking—in a funny or unique way. The implication is that your webinar will provide the answer to that question—so it better deliver.

Use dynamic words. Start your title with a verb—something concise, preferably one or two syllables—that’s evocative of an action. Ideally, action-based titles prod your audience to take positive action or imply that they’ll be able to take that action after they see your webinar.

Give your audience a how-to. For a how-to title and webinar topic to work, you need to know exactly what problem your audience has that you can solve. It needs to be a compelling, challenging problem that they can’t solve on their own—or one that’s difficult enough that an easier solution or shortcut will be compelling. Numbered lists—such as “Seven Tips for Doing X” give the audience a sense that your tips will be finite and easily digestible, and can inspire more clicks.

By Anita Nevins


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