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ChannelMeter Unveils a White Label Video Analytics Tool for MCNs

By Troy Dreier

When video creators sign with a multi-channel network (MCN) they agree to share a portion of their ad revenue in exchange for help broadening their audience and reaching new advertisers. One of the perks large MCNs offer is an analytics platform that provides rich metrics on viewership and earnings. Thanks to a white label platform created by ChannelMeter, all MCNs can now provide their members with the same kind of assistance.

Called MCN Suite, ChannelMeter’s platform provides YouTube and Facebook video creators with a range of tools that let them view audience analytics and revenue streams, and learn how best to grow their channels. The suite includes revenue tools that automatically send funds to creators as they come in. Platform tools for MCN managers show network and audience analytics, and offer advanced content ID abilities.

ChannelMeter released the suite in private beta in April 2015, where it was tested by 44 MCNs and 22,000 creators.

“ChannelMeter’s white label solution enables us to provide our partners top-of-the-line analytic tools along with access to view revenue data for the up-to-the-minute transparency that is expected today by creators,” says Steve Levy, CEO of music MCN The BPM Network, one of the suite’s 44 beta testers.

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