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A good camera is fundamental if you want to give your webinar attendees a professional and high-quality impression. It is likely that your laptop’s camera will be insufficient at doing this, but no worries: there are plenty of external webcam models to purchase with prices ranging from the budget to the professional.

Here is a guide showing you 5 of the best ones available on the market, right now:
Note: this guide will be focusing on premium webcam offerings.

For good budget alternatives, take a look at our other guide: 5 Budget Friendly Webinar Cameras [Webcams] That Get the Job Done.

1. D-Link DCS-931L

Price: €132

D-Link’s suite of webcam offerings seems to be targeting a very specific customer segment: aesthetics-conscious premium users that need high-quality, wireless webcams for professional or surveillance use.

The clear winner out of their visually similar line of products is the D-Link DCS-931L. This webcam offers a fairly wide shot angle and significant graphical fidelity for its lightweight 95 grams.

It also has a sleek and elegant design, a great audio and a tie-in iOS app to make full use of its features.

2. Microsoft LifeCam Studio

Price: €138

At a similar price point as the D-Link, and with Microsoft’s brand name to back it up, the LifeCam Studio is another solid premium webcam offering. This model focuses less on design and more on video quality, with a native 1080p resolution and a wide lens angle, but without wireless capabilities and with a more bulky appearance.

The image and audio quality are significantly above average, but users do complain that the camera may require a powerful CPU to run properly.

3. Brother NW-1000

Price: €151

With an HD 8 megapixel lens and full 1080p resolution, theBrother NW-1000 may be one of the most cost-effective premium webcams available. It prides itself on being user friendly and reliable, with an easy installation process on both PC and Mac.

The downside is that it doesn’t come equipped with some of the recent features that have become standard on high-end devices, such as face-tracking software and real time light smoothing for more pleasant lighting. Still, the Brother NW-1000 is a reliable product which does its job admirably.

4. Logitech HD C615

Price: €210

Logitech’s flagship webcam offering certainly has one of the highest price points on the market right now, but does it deliver on its promise of no-hassle professional quality? The design is certainly commendable, with a practical folding stock which can be collapsed into a size small enough to fit in your pocket (being wireless doesn’t hurt, either).

Under a technical standpoint, the camera does allow shooting at 1080p, but may have difficulties maintaining the 30fps benchmark at that resolution.

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