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How to Convert MP4 to OGG quickly with Pavtube Video Converter

Step 1. Launch the software and load MP4 file

Install Pavtube Video Converter and launch the software. Once you have launched the software, the next step is to load the file into the interface. You can load the MP4 video file to convert by either dragging it in the interface or by choosing the file through ‘add files’ button click.


Step 2. Choose the output format

Once you have loaded the MP4 file into the interface, the next step is to specify the output format for the resultant file. Since we are converting an MP4 video file to OGG file format, the output format must be OGG file format.

Tip: Edit the video (Optional)

After you have selected the output format of the video, the next step is to edit it. Click on the ‘edit’ button located at the right side of the video. Once you click on this button, the editing pane opens and now you can edit your video according to your requirements. You can change the color, merge two videos, rotate the video and do much more with the amazing editing functions offered by Pavtube Video Converter. Once you are satisfied with the result, save the video and proceed to the next step.

Step 3. Convert the MP4 format to OGG format

Once you have made all the settings, the last step is to press the ‘convert’ button to actually start the conversion process. The convert button is located at the bottom of the screen.


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