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How to convert a video to MP4 and other formats

If you have a video that won’t play on your phone, tablet or TV, here’s how to convert it and which software to use.

How to convert a video to MP4 and other formats

Changing a video’s format is easy with the right software. Fortunately, there are plenty of free apps which will do this for you. Some are easier to use than others, and some have more features such as cutting out sections, dealing with multiple audio tracks (for different languages, say) and subtitles.

To keep things simple, most allow you to choose your device, such as an iPhone, rather than asking you to pick the correct settings. However, the MP4 format is a safe choice for practically all modern devices because iPhones, Android phones and TVs will play MP4s.

If you already have some video editing software, this will be able to import video in a variety of formats and export to MP4. Obviously, you’ll also be able to edit the video if you need to as well. Here are the best free video editors

There are plenty of free and paid-for video converters and they all work in a similar way. Free tools usually add on a pre-roll or post-roll advertising the software, while some will watermark your entire video or limit you to a certain length.



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