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A study from Content Marketing Institute shows that 62% of marketers are using webinars as a tactic to deliver B2B content marketing. We’ve heard it said time and again, content is king. So how should it rule? Through a good mix of content that steadily and easily reigns over the target audience.

Webinars provide a lot of benefits, such as direct customer interaction. Attendees sign up voluntarily and actively engage through the webinar chat, Q&As, and give their feedback through the survey. Another good benefit is its flexibility. Attendees can participate in the comfort of their offices/homes!

Here are the top things to keep in mind for a successful webinar:

Plan and Organize Well

I was lucky that Danielle paved the way for seamless webinar planning. We have a webinar editorial calendar where the topics, speakers, and dates are planned far in advance. We also maintain a webinar checklist of the things we need to do as well as a list of tasks for us and other team members to prepare. The project management tool Podio helps ensure all deliverables are met on time. We start planning six weeks prior the webinar live date—that gives us a lot of flexibility and legroom for coordination and changes.

Offer Interesting Topics

Webinars are web-based seminars, and people participate in these types of initiatives to learn, so you need to make sure you are offering topics they find interesting. As the organizer, we are responsible for providing knowledge, know-how, and expertise to attendees, so they can take this knowledge and put it to use at work.

By Meg Cabrera


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