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How to Deal With Haters on Your Webinar


Haters exists, and haters will hate. You will encounter a hater sooner a later. That’s the nature of being in the public eye, being a producer of value, a contributor to your space. However, there is no need to fear them. They are a sad bunch that have nothing positive to contribute but want to contribute so bad they resort to putting others down.

It’s funny how some people will act online. Seriously, the internet seems to be like the wild west all over again. Except with the internet, nasty varmint hide behind their screens, sitting in their living room thousands of miles away. Their negative and often darn right nasty comments about you and your business are heard by many, leaving you with your hands in the air wondering how to handle the situation.

But you can’t always ignore haters, you’ll have deal with them at times- especially on a webinar. What you do and don’t do on a webinar is being analyzed by your attendees. When someone in your chat pipes up with a less then constructive comment, all eyes are on you. Everyone on that webinar will be waiting to see how you respond.

Here is an easy 3-step system you can start implementing right now to deal with anyone who dares to tarnish your good name with nasty comments during a webinar:

Step 1: Ask for clarification

Sometimes unrefined communicators can be mistaken as haters. If you get a comment or question in the chat that rubs you the wrong way, ask the attendee to clarify their question or elaborate on their comment. For example, you can simply say “Hey Frank! Not sure what you mean by X. Can you elaborate? I want to make sure I serve and help you properly.”

Step 2: Give it to them straight

If discover they are indeed a hater and their nastiness does not cease, you need to give it to them straight. Publicly. On camera or in the chat. Tell them if they continue to be disruptive, that you will have to kick them off this webinar. They can either leave or they can add value to the conversation.

Now you might be asking, “Is that an empty threat? Can I really do that. Can I really kick them out of my webinar?” See step 3 🙂



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