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What are the different online video solutions?

There are 5 major online video solutions: webconferencing, selfwebinar, professional webinar, webcast and on demand video. Let’s have a look.

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Web Conferencing

For your online meetings in small groups a web conferencing tool such as Skype is a good and reliable solution. With web conferencing software different people can communicate interactively and in real time from different computers in different locations. Participants can hear each other, see each other (using the webcam) and can share screens, use the chat etc. This software is very easy to use and works perfectly with windows, mac, and mobiles. All you need is the url of the meeting and the first time you use the software you need to install a plugin. This solution is perfect if you have a small group of people and everybody has to be able to talk to the others. This is so called many-to-many communication solution.


Webinar Software is developed to facilitate a one-to-many communication. There is one presenter talking to the attendees. The presenter can use his webcam, show slides and show his screen. Attendees can talk to the presenter using the chat or some other interaction tools. This webinar software such as GotoWebinar is very easy to use. You can make a simple recording of the slides with voice. The webcam view however is low quality and often not included in the video file.

Professional Webinar

A professional webinar is very different from a selfwebinar. A professional webinar is recorded with professional equipment and crew, often multi-camera. A professional webinar can be recorded on location or in professional webinar studio such as the studios. A professional webinar speaker should have a personal webinar coach who guides him through the steps of the I.M.P.A.C.T approach : from preparation, over broadcast to follow-up. Camera training is a must for professional webinar presenters. A webinar coach makes sure the presenter connects with the attendees and involves them in an interactive experience. Depending on the number of attendees it can be necessary to have a team of moderators/experts answering the questions that come in. Professional webinars are often published in a branded rich media managment system that makes it easy for viewers to search particular video fragments using keywords etc.


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