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11 tips to create a must-see webinar

Webinars continue to be a good way for companies to engage with prospects and generate revenue. But you can’t just decide to have someone, even if it’s the CEO, chat about a topic a couple of days beforehand, post a notice on your website and/or social pages and expect hundreds of people to tune into it.

To have a must-see webinar, one that’s well attended, engages viewers and makes them want to find out more about your company, requires careful planning and marketing, as outlined in these 11 tips.

1. Choose a topic that will be of interest to your target audience

“Do your research and choose a topic [prospects] care about,” says April Runft, senior content specialist, kCura. Then “craft your promotional materials to show them why they should invest their time with you. And don’t tell them how great your product is. Done right, your webinars [and other content] will lead them to that conclusion on their own.”

 “When deciding on a topic, focus on new and popular topics in [your] industry that haven’t already had hundreds of webinars on them already,” says Ryan Malone, founder & CEO, SmartBug Media. And “choose a topic that showcases your unique industry expertise and intellectual capital.”

2. Feature an expert

“The success of our webinar program comes from connecting our audience with true experts on individual topics,” says Henry Link, senior marketing program manager, Paycor. And the expert doesn’t necessarily have to be someone from your company.

“The audience doesn’t want you to pretend your company is the master [of] every topic,” he explains. In fact, “they’ll respect you more when you can connect them with experts in the field. Just make sure that your products and services help support [or are relevant to] the topic being presented.”

“Inviting experts is a win/win as they have a platform to share their expertise and you gain access to their networks, invaluable in webinar promotions,” says Nili Zaharony, CMO, Penguin Strategies.



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