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By Troy Dreier

With Reserved Cloud, broadcasters and others trade metered usage pricing for a fixed monthly fee and their own reserved instance.

Video encoding company has introduced a new level of service, one designed for high-volume customers. As the company’s CEO, Greggory Heil, explains it, many broadcasters, programmers, and video platform providers have outgrown metered pricing models, but still want to encode their content in public cloud datacenters that use elastic capacity for periods of peak demand. For those customers has created Reserved Cloud.

An unlimited encoding service, Reserved Cloud breaks from the metered pricing model to offer a fixed monthly fee, one that starts at $1000. Customers pay per reserved instance, which gets them access to over 30 encoding engines. Reserved Cloud integrates with Amazon Reserved Instances, and customers can use either’s recommended AWS instance type or one of their own choosing. Their instance includes automatic failover for when the reserved instances are busy, and customers can choose how long the job waits in the queue before failover occurs.

Included real-time stats show customers which jobs are being processed using both reserved an on-demand instances. Customers can also use the same API to send high priority jobs to’s public cloud for immediate processing.

There’s no set price for Reserved Cloud. Instead, interested companies should contact for a no-cost audit of their current needs. Intros Reserved Cloud for High-Volume Customers

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