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Giraffic Gives a Speed Boost to Live Online HLS Video

By Troy Dreier


Live video delivery is harder than video-on-demand, says Yoel Zanger, CEO and founder of Giraffic. There’s less time to maneuver. There’s less time to read the manifest file and plan for changing network conditions. That’s why live video rarely achieves the same quality as VOD.

But Giraffic plans to change that. At CES, the company is debuting its AVA Live video acceleration service (so far for HLS only), bringing the same video delivery improvements to live that it already offers on-demand files.

AVA Live works the same as Giraffic’s video-on-demand technology: It’s installed on the client device and asks (politely, Zanger says) for smaller chunks of video that would normally be supplied, then downloading them in parallel. It also works smarter, analyzing current network conditions quickly and requesting the appropriate quality file. The result is live video that plays smoother, with less buffering.

“With live streaming the content is being generated on-the-fly. You don’t really predict what is going to be the next portion of data that you’re going to need to receive from the network, so you have a much shorter buffer to work with,” Zanger says. “We’re going to launch a device/client side-only live or linear TV video acceleration solution that improves video quality (resolution) substantially, as well providing consistent quality of service.”

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