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GL Enhances Testing Solutions For Video Conferencing Quality

GL Communications Inc., announced an enhanced Video Conferencing Quality Testing Solutions.


Speaking to press, Mr. Robert Bichefsky, a Senior Manager for Product Development of the company said, “GL provides various methodologies for Video Quality Testing, one of which is End-to-End Video Conference testing, using VQuad™ with Video Application Controller(VAC), providing both Video and Voice MOS between two VAC Agents (one end could be an Android device). The other one is Bulk Video Call Simulation using GL’s MAPS™ SIP and real-time Video Call Analysis using GL’s PacketScan™ application.”

He added, “GL’s VQuad™ with VAC solution supports end-to-end Video Conference testing between any two VAC agents. Agents can be Linux, Windows or Android devices. In other words, test Video Conferencing between an Android phone and a Windows® PC. The VQuad™ with VAC solution is fully automated using VQuad™ scripting for testing a variety of scenarios with access to all video parameters such as Codec, Frame Rate, GOP Structure and Image Size.

GL’s MAPS™ SIP provides a means for Bulk Video Call generation, simulating many Video Calls from a single MAPS™ SIP system. As part of this solution, GL’s PacketScan™ can provide real-time Video Call Analysis of the video generated over the SIP call using a non-intrusive connection to the network.”

Mr. Bichefsky further explained, “GL’s VQuad™ solution provides an automated method to test Voice and Data from any mobile device. With the introduction of GL’s VAC, Video Conference testing is added to the overall solution. Both Manual and Automated Video Conference tests can be generated between any two VAC Agents, including Android devices, Linux and Windows systems thus determining real-time performance of Video over a given network. The VAC solution is fully automated with QoS results for both Video and Audio provided along with several analytic metrics.


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