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Gone in a Flash: Migrating Videos to a Flash-Less World

By the time you read this article, Google will have released Chrome 55, which requires user interaction to run Flash content in its desktop browser. As shown in Figure 1, Chrome 54 already stops the loading of Flash content until the user intervenes. These changes contributed to ongoing industry speculation about the end of Flash. Google is not the only browser vendor to continue its chokehold on Flash: In August, Mozilla also placed more restrictions on Flash content in Firefox.

The crusade to finish off our dependence on Flash content doesn’t stop with browser vendors. Streaming Media’s Dan Rayburn wrote a blog post detailing the content delivery networks (CDNs) that were setting end-of-life dates for RTMP-based media delivery. RTMP, or Real-Time Messaging Protocol, is a Flash-specific transport for real-time video, audio, and data. Player vendors such as JW Player were also preparing their customers for the deprecation of Flash in desktop browsers. Celebrities have even jumped on the bandwagon, as Bill Maher criticized Flash during one of his New Rules segments on his HBO talk show. The irony is that Maher’s own site fully embraces Flash. also relies on MLBAM’s Flash-based video player for DRM’d content.


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