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GoPro Reveals New $200 Wi-Fi-Enabled HERO+ Camera As Part Of 2015 Lineup

By Lauren Keating

GoPro reveled its new 2015 lineup of cameras on Monday, debuting the new affordable HERO+ camera.

The new entry-level HERO+ captures 1080p and 720p video at 60 frames per second and 8MP photos with Single, Time Lapse and 5 photos-per-second Burst modes, and is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled so that users can easily connect to the mobile app and access tools like Trim & share to then upload quickly onto social media.

The Hero+ is features a QuikCapture mode that lets users power-up and start recording with just the tap of a button. There is also the HiLight Tag feature that lets the users make moments while recording for quick editing, a built-in microphone to capture sound, and an Auto Low Light mode that adjusts frame rates when in low light situations.

Up until now, GoPro’s Wi-Fi enabled cameras cost customers around $300 and more, making the HERO+ first camera to be equipped with this feature for a more consumer- friendly price.

“Whether mounted to a weather balloon floating 100,000 feet above the earth to capture a sunrise across the stratosphere or in the hands of a child recording their backyard tree house adventures, HERO+ is built to capture your imagination wherever it takes you,” GoPro founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman said in a statement. “Even as we continue to raise the bar for our highest performing cameras like HERO4 Black, Silver and Session, we remain committed to developing simplified products like HERO+ that make GoPro life-capture accessible to everyone.”

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