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A webinar is a fairly simple application. In fact, not only does it make a great deal of sense but also is a convenient way to present a great deal of information to a large number of people. There are a number of different ways that a webinar can work.

Normally, a webinar consists of an on demand or life feed. Webinars that are on demand are usually pre recorded. Individuals register then log on to video the video. As the business, you pay so much to host the webinar and as a viewer, they pay so much to view it.

If a phone conference is involved this also usually requires a separate log on though voice over IP options are available. Many people prefer phone conferences because of the option of speakerphone and projection technology. This means they can have several people view and participate under the same account.

Live feeds work slightly differently than on demand. While the presentation may be the same, the difference is in timing. With on demand everyone can be prepared and even ready to go prior to logging on to view the video. With live feed options, it works a little differently. There is usually a request made at the beginning to ensure everyone has logged on and is ready. Live feed usually allows for a small delay to get everything started. This delay is usually not necessary for on demand since it can be requested and viewed whenever the viewers are ready.

There are some other differences to consider between live feed and on demand. With on demand if necessary the video, which has been pre-recorded, can be paused if necessary to accommodate discussion. Live feed may or may not be willing to make such a pause. There may be a request that discussion wait until the end of the presentation for questions.

Webinars have a number of different ways that they can work. The method depends on what exactly is being presented and what is necessary in order to make a successful presentation. If you have a number of people from a number of different locations that need to view the presentation at the same time, on demand may be a better way to handle your webinars.

If however, you are making presentations to select groups that are going to be gathering at a single location then you may want to consider using a live feed. Webinars are designed to provide a way to present information in an interactive manner to a group of individuals. It allows people from any location provided they have access to the video and the necessary conferencing software or equipment, such as a phone. Webinars provide a great way to bridge the gap of distance, still allow interactions and provide you with a way to present information in a methods that is more likely to be retained by those viewing the presentations. This makes webinars an important new learning and business tool.
By Tom Cruz

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