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How To Conduct A Webinar And Convert Listeners To Customers

In this article, it talks about how to conduct a webinar and convert listeners to customers


how to conduct a webinar

How to Conduct a Webinar

As you begin your preparation for conducting a webinar, we recommend you make a plan.

Lastly, you’ll want to have a live run-through of your webinar before hosting one for the public. This assists your presenters so they feel comfortable with the software, the microphones and flow of the webinar.

Hosting a webinar to convert listeners to customers involves pre-planning. Make an outline of your presentation, do your research and organize your presentation in an orderly manner. Be sure to allocate time for questions and participant interaction.

Once you’ve planned your webinar, you need a host for it. Consider using a service like GoToWebinar or WebEx. By using a tool like one of these, you can send out links through your website, email marketing and social media to your sign-up page.

We also recommend you set up a dedicated landing page for your webinar. You’ll use this page to advertise the webinar and collect sign-ups.

This has the potential of increasing your sign-ups and your conversion rates. Ask for the attendees’ name, email address, company and title.

This landing page, and your on-page sign-up form allows you to reach out to these website visitors before and after the webinar.

You can promote your webinar through this landing page on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your blog and your email newsletter.

Webinars that Convert

What’s going to set your webinar apart? What will you present that’s of value to potential customers? Make sure that people are interested in what you’re offering.

How do you do this? By listening on social media and asking for comments on your blog posts, you can glean information on what your customers want to know about.

Additionally, you could send out a survey to your subscribers and ask them what might be of interest to them.


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